wrong serial number name

I am a Scrivener user from China and now living in Japan.

Three days ago I purchased for Scrivener 2 for Mac OS X, but the Serial Number Name I received was “? ?”.

I entered “? ?”, and as expected, it turned to be invalid.

I sent an e-mail to “sales@literatureandlatte.com” 2 days ago but haven’t got answer yet.

How should I solve this problem? :neutral_face:

I’ve checked the e-mail system and see nothing from this particular address that you’ve registered for the forum, so I can’t confirm if you’ve had a response. What usually happens, if you hear nothing back form us, is that our responses are all ending up in your spam filter. Make sure to whitelist our support, as described on the support page:

Thanks for your quick answer, AmberV! :smiley:

I’m surprised that you haven’t received my e-mail. since I had set “literatureandlatte.com” and “tenderapp.com” to the “white list” as described on the support page, and checked the spam filter everyday.

I sent another mail just now to “sales@literatureandlatte.com” and hope it can be delivered successfully this time.

Below is the registration information I received:

Serial Number Name: ? ?
Serial Number: XXXX-XXXX

Edited by moderator to remove serial number.

Okay, that one came in! Not sure what happened before. I have sent a response.