wrong total character count after installing

hi there,

run into a problem after installing and registrating the official scrivener version for windows.

up to now and through all of the beta’s stages, my total character count showed me the correct number. checked the data today to see how i have progressed and discovered (under view/outline) that the numbers in the character count column are exactly the same as the numbers in the total character count column: for some reason scrivener does not add the character numbers of the chapters anymore.

probably my mistake, isn’t it? what did i do wrong?

thanks for help and advice!
the m.

You might want to check this thread, https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/totalwordcount/15524/1, in regards to the total character count column.

The behavior you’re seeing is the correct behavior. A metadata column for what you want it to be doing will be coming in the future.


so the total character count i relied on for over almost a year was only a bug? and there is no way to see how many characters there are in my novel so far in the official scrivener-version? or do i have to rearrange the chapters somehow?

still very confused:

forgot to mention that i am referring to a manuscript with about 50 folders in it
and that i am only interested in the total characters of all these folders combined…

Project > Project Statistics will give you the total character count for your Draft folder based on the current compile settings (meaning that it will include titles and prefixes if titles and prefixes are set to compile, etc.), so this is probably what you want. You can also use the Project Statistics pane to give you the count of multiple selected binder items via the “Selection” count there. If you want to see the total character count in the outliner, you can make another folder immediately inside the Draft folder to house all your other folders; by selecting the Draft folder and viewing its contents on the outliner, you’ll see this new folder and can use the total character count column to get the sum of all the subdocuments. (The one thing to watch out for here is that moving everything into this new subfolder will change your folder and document levels in the binder, so when you compile the settings may be slightly off and need some adjustment.)

magic. thank you!