Wrongly scaled display on opening project

This does not happen every time, but it does happen frequently. (I am on 2903 64-bit pre-release BTW, but it happened on 2902 and 2901 quite frequently also.) The initial display is scaled down drastically. It always seems to self-correct if I tap in the Editor, or hit the Windows icon to go full screen or come back from full screen, so this only occurs on initial opening of a project. Since I know hitting a few keys will correct the problem, I did not think of it as a big deal, it will look strange to someone who is not expecting it.

I have a Samsung 4K 28 inch display and also have High DPI checked in Preferences. (second image)

Then after hitting a key keys or clicking the mouse, it comes good and looks like you would expect it to. (first image)

BTW, how do I insert an image directly in line with the note instead of as an attachement? I see the Img tag, but not sure what to put inside it for an image on my hard drive.

Sorry, I should mention this only happens on my 28 inch 4K Samsung. I have a Lenovo gaming laptop with a 4K display and 15 inch monitor and it never happens with that machine that I can remember.