Wrote a gigantic novel-cycle

I actually wrote this novel-cycle a couple of years ago, but this year re-edited it for paperback (it had previously been Kindle-only).
It was started in Mac TextEdit, then moved to Scrivener, where most of the work was done, including all of the preliminary edits.
The final edits of the paperback version (with revisions retroactively applied to the Kindle edition) were done in Mac Pages, and exported as Word files.
I couldn’t have done it without something like Scrivener. It started off as one huge novel, which I had an idea would be divided into six volumes (oversimplification)—after many iterations it was indeed six—completely different!— volumes, and both Scrivener and Scapple helped me sort it out (the second-to-last volume is quite complex in structure, if hopefully still easy to read). Working on a sequel, I’m discovering that ‘collections’ can be very useful as I try to weave different timelines about each other without losing sense. I self-published, and am currently using Createspace as the printer, whose results are really quite good.

If you’re interested, do an Amazon search for: Blyth, Edges
They let you check out the first few chapters without paying anything.
‘Edges:Borderland’ is the first volume, and what starts as ‘low fantasy’ becomes something like hard science fiction, although it is mostly about people and their interactions.
Over and out. J. A. Blyth