x-scrivener-item ids

I have some old links to documents that look like this:


They don’t work.

New links in the same document look like this:


Presumably at some point - probably Scrivener 2 to 3 - the convention for generating IDs changed, Is there any way to recover the old document ids?

I have figured out that the document ids in the old links are the same as the .rtf filename inside the package, but I’d rather not rely on poking around inside the Scrivener package for fear of breaking something.

In case anyone is wondering, here’s how I solved this. I looked inside the package and copied (not moved of course but can’t emphasise that too strongly) the Docs folder to another location.

I then created an Alfred workflow that lets me just provide the old ID number and open a copy of the document in Q. If necessary, I can then search for a phrase from the copy to find the original in Scrivener.

The bash script is very simple:


open ‘(full path here)/Docs from intro scriv/’$query’.rtf’[/code]

It’s not the slickest thing ever but it does let me keep using my old links after a fashion.