X先生生日快樂 :wink: (X xiānshēng shēngrì kuàilè)

[/size] :smiley:

Selamat ulang tahun! :slight_smile:

I would offer to buy you a pint or 9. But you’d have to show up here by 5pm.

Instead I’ll just cheer you up by suggesting that another year is a very small percentage change at this point. So it isn’t as large a change as it feels.

Marking the Xtraordinary… Happy birthday Good Sir!
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

And of course, many happy returns of the day.
Hope you are surrounded by the people and things that you love.

Happy birthday venerable sir!

Many thanks all; much appreciated. A virtual bottle of your favourite tipple to anyone who guesses how I spent the day! :wink:

Mr X

I recall a mention of “I’m in London” which likely means that you visited a family member (I could be recalling family member locations incorrectly). But knowing you and your “normal” life, you most likely ignored family (for a significant portion of the trip) and spent time in an establishment of lingual gymnastics, showing up the young whippersnappers.

Although I hear a mutual acquaintance in the London right now… If you see her say “hello” from the Americans.

'fraid not! And given the thousands of American tourists in London, I’d probably be arrested for creating a nuisance if I went round asking them all, “Are you a friend of Jaysen?” :smiley:

Mr X

This friendship is due to your introduction…

Happy Xday!

That mutual friend is in Xiamen, working for Xiamen University administration; I am in London. But no doubt we’ll meet again sometime.

Mr X

No one else, not even Vic-K, taking up the guessing game. Oh well, I’ll tell you … under general anaesthetic having the two tendons in my left little finger stitched. They got severed in a cooking accident – can’t type well, so I wont explain – but all will be well now; just a matter of time.

Mr X

Great googly moogly! :open_mouth: I hope your recovery is speedy and thorough.

I was about to guess “undergoing finger surgery”, but you spilled the beans too soon! Do I still get the prize?

I hope you were the one cooking… :open_mouth:

Hopefully you’ll recover enough to take part in a certain writing exercise next month…

Anyway, while the Docs are in there, see if you can get them to put in some cool new features. I saw a movie once about a kid who had his tendons accidentally overtensioned after an injury and it enabled him to throw a mean fastball.

Really? I thought her London time was till October. I guess the wife is right. I don’t pay attention very well.

:open_mouth: Oh dear. Hopefully, a swift recovery, Master Mark… eh? :wink:

:neutral_face: :neutral_face: :neutral_face:

She went back at the end of August. She was in Oxford but came and stayed for a night. while she was here, I reckoned we tramped about 18 miles around London and stood for over an hour in the pouring rain with a couple of thousand tourists “watching” – I don’t think she could see anything! – the changing of the guard at Buck House.

Mr X