xMind - mindmapping app


Today MacUpdate has a promo on xMind, a multiplataform mindmapping app (60 US$ after 70% rebate). Although in Java is seems sleek. Has anyone used it yet?

MacUpdate Promo


No. I’ve used Nova-Mind for some time and haven’t felt the need to change. It does Win/Mac but no Linux - there’s a surprise!


I’m waiting until I develop a mind to worry too much about mapping it.

I find minc-mapping programs seductive. However, Cmap Tools (cmap.ihmc.us/) is a free concept-mapping tool that my students used successfully right after they downloaded it. It lets you develop your own relationships among nodes. There are no colors, pictures, bells, whistles, so there’s not much to do with it but map.

suppose you could procrastinate by reading the documentation. . .