Y' couldn't make it up Redux

theguardian.com/technology/2 … ed-iphones

“Factory test…” Hmm, a new variation on “The dog ate my homework”?

’s’at all?! When I was 14, my dog ripped my brand new school uniform t’ shreds! … along with my feather eiderdown. My dad was working night shift that night. I thought t’ myself. ‘Dad’ll kill it!’ So … I wrote him a long letter, and then left home with the mutt. It was 1am and friggin freezing. By 4 am, I’d had enough, and came back. I waited up for him coming home. After showing him the letter, he went upstairs. When he came back downstairs, all he said was, “I was meaning t’ tell y’ t’ tidy your bedroom, it was becoming very untidy.” That was it. Mind you, by the time I’d spent almost two days sweeping up millions of friggin’ feathers, I felt like killing the pest myself!
Ah well … c’est la vie … eh?