Yay! It's StaceyUK's birthday!

Happy birthday Stacey! Hope you are having an entire birthday weekend of fun. :smiley:

PS Wish I was that young.

Yes, many happy returns of the day, StaceyUK.

Happy birthday!!

Thank you for all the birthday wishes!

I’m going to have a great few days culminating in a wedding that I’m attending (not my own) next Saturday!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday iii <— That’s a birthday cake with candles* :smiley:

[size=85]*ASCII art is over rated.

Thanks Wock and Nom! I like the cake with candles…

Happy birthday, a few days late, and congratulations on clinging to this whirling ball of dirt hurtling through the cosmos for another trip around our star. Well done. :smiley:

Hope it was a gud ‘n’, Stracey Luv/

Vic x x x x :smiley: