I’ve finally had a book accepted by a publisher! Hooray!

It’s been 13 years since I started submitting. When I read a ‘yes’ instead of the usual ‘no,’ I almost had a heart attack, and I’m still not sure I read it right.
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :exclamation:

P.S. The book was written entirely in Scrivener, of course!


Let us know once you hit the shelves.†

†[size=75]edited to add: the book, not you. We want you to stay upright and among the living :wink:[/size]

What genre is it? Fiction or non-fiction? What’s it called? What’s it about?

Fifteen years you say? I wouldn’t know how to cope with rejections for so long.

But good for you for hanging in there.

I hope it’s huge success.


Hearty Congrats Cowboy!! :wink:
Best of Luck with it. Hope It sells millions!!
Take care

You`ll have to ask bobueland about that.

Well done! And you even did it in the shadow of the financial crisis!

Well done! Tell us more, so that we can pre-order… :smiley:


You rock!


Congratulations… do keep us updated with its progress from here on in.


Way to go, Khadrelt. I wish you all the good fortune you deserve. Please keep us posted as your book wends it way through the publishing process.


Congratulations! Hope the book sells well!
:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

In answer to a few of you, it’s a fantasy book, and will probably end up being classified as young adult even though that’s not specifically what I was intending it for. It’s called Reiyalindis, which is the name of the main character. If all goes well it should be out in 6 months or so…fingers crossed…

Thanks, all!

Good for you - and I like YA fantasy, so I’ll look out for it.

I second Mary. I love young adult stuff. It’s the stuff I try to write myself. I too will be on the lookout for the book. I always look for new stuff for my bookstore and it’s extra fun knowing about a book this long before it gets released.
So see you on the bookstore shelves.


Congratulations! That’s fantastic news. Keep us updated. :slight_smile:
All the best,

A bit late, but lets prolong the celebrations!!


Best of luck for the next stage


A heartfelt Congrats!

Looking forward to reading it once it hits shelves.

Well, I finally got a release date for the book. It’s scheduled to come out on August 5th. I just got the final cover from the publisher, and I’ve put it up on my website:


It’s my first attempt at a website, so it’s pretty sparse right now, but hopefully it’ll grow.

There’s a link to the publisher’s website on my front page, too, but I don’t think they’ve put the book on it yet.

Great news Cowboy!! :smiley:
Isa rootin fer y`!
Sure the rest of the crew are too.
Good Luck for August 5th

Indeed, well done and congrats!