Ye Icons Of Olde

Hey guys.

I dig that Scrivener has to keep up with the times, and that constant change is the essence of the software world . . . and that to all things there is a season, etcetera. I’m talking, of course, about the toolbar icons in Scrivener, the ones it has had for a few decimal versions now, the “new” icons that took over so that Scrivener fits in better with Apple’s more streamlined, “flat” look that macOS took on with OS X 10.10 and going forward from there. I understand that Keith, Amber, and a lot of other people really like these new icons. And I get that, I really do. They’re kinda cool, in their own special way. But they lack character, personality. That, and I can’t really tell by looking at them exactly what they do, anymore. I’ve been able to memorize what they do by clicking on them a lot, but in and of themselves, they’re not very “information rich.” SO. My solution to this problem — I dunno, is it a problem if I’m the only one complaining about it? — would be a checkbox in the Preferences panel, under the Appearance tab, that reads thusly: “Use Classic Toolbar Icons.” If selected, well, guess what it does — it lets you do what it says — use the “Classic” Scrivener toolbar icons instead of the new, flat, streamlined icons. If it’s not selected (which it would be by default, of course), it uses the new, flat, streamlined icons that everybody but me seems to like. Just a thought.

—Andy H.