Yellow Color Indicating Scriptwriting Mode In Binder

Hi. Been going through the tutorial and I’m really liking Scrivener 2. I have one minor suggestion:

The yellow icon in the binder that indicates when a document is in scriptwriting mode is way too subtle. It’s quite hard to tell the difference between the yellow icon and the white icons. I would suggest making the yellow color more saturated or even choose a different color like blue that is easier to identify.

There is another sure-fire indicator which exists from 1.x, even before there was a separate icon: the footer bar. If your footbar contains scriptwriting element controls and hints, and doesn’t have a word count statistics area, then you are in scriptwriting mode.

I think the yellow works well. I don’t want it to scream out too much because these are still text documents and not completely different entities. But the slight yellow, with the three hole punches, is enough to tell at a glance that they have differences.

Anyway, a no to this one, sorry!