Yellow synopsis popups

Is there a way of disabling the yellow synopsis popups that appear in the binder when you pass the cursor over them.

Yes, moving your mouse faster. :wink:

Otherwise no, I think in fact this is just vanilla OS X tooltip stuff.

A little grumpy are we? Someone water down your tea?

There is proof that I’m not grumpy! I put a happy face. It is empirical.

Speaking of tea though, that’s a good idea.

An excellent idea. Because despite being mid-March, it’s snowing again outside. Wet, horrid, freezing rainy snow. Grumble. storms off in a blanket to make more tea

Back to the OP, depending on your OS version, this might work: No promises, though; I just Googled.

EDIT: Seems to work on Lion. Note this is totally unsanctioned, and if you want to mess with the preference file you might want to make a copy of it first just in case something goofs up. :slight_smile:



66 and sunny here in hell, I mean upstate NY. No real snow for us this year. Although the birds are liking the early fly time. Anyone else notice the early migrations of the wild birds? Make it easier for us crazies and our hawk bait…

So how about this:

President Bush :slight_smile:

Is that a happy thought for you?


For those that think I am taking a pot shot, no. But I am hitting below the belt.

Birds! Don’t get me started on birds! :angry: Dratted woodpeckers destroying my house. Grrrrrrrrr. All my clever “scare off the woodpeckers” tricks are failing because there is no sun to make them shiny and terrifying–just rain and snow. (Although if they were shiny and terrible, all the crows would probably come steal them anyway.) Sigh. I miss cute, happy, sweetly-chirping, pretty little birds. It’s been woodpeckers and crows so long I think the others must only ever have existed in Disney movies.

So then you don’t want me to mention the black cap chickadees, eastern bluebirds, goldfinches, meadow and wood and field sparrow, or even then indigo buntings or rose breasted gross beaks. That was just after dinner but I don’t want you to lust for my backyard.

Oh, did I mention the 60 odd homing pigeons we keep?

I do know about woodpeckers. We have pileated, downey, red bellied, read headed and the yellow shafted flicker. What you don’t want is anything metal or shiny. They like shiny and metal. Hollow walls are bad too. They use them as drums to broadcast territory. Your best bet would be a brightly colored flag set where it will blow often. I like yellows. They seem to not like it all that well.

Now you do have another option. Give them a better option. Set up some suet feeders and provide some adequately sized nest boxes. Put a few “bangy places” out there and you should find yourself fairly woodpecker free. One thing to keep in mind is that they eat bugs. Lots of bugs. They won’t damage a tree anywhere near the amount the bugs would do if left uneaten. Woodpeckers good. Say it with me. Woodpeckers good.

See how much better that feels?

How I now visualise Jaysen’s house:

I took the “alternate” option.

So there.