Yes, I am a writer

It takes a lot of effort to say it and hear it echo truthfully, but the fact is that I am a writer. I like to paint too, but for putting down what’s in my head I go for a pen rather than my sketchbook. Problem is I have to keep saying it to make myself listen. When you’re 23 it’s hard to focus on doing what you love.

As I mentioned elsewhere I’m a student on Sheffield Hallam’s MA Writing course, which I am enjoying very much. Teaching is now finished for me, so I’m out in the cold with my laptop, trying to finish my novel, which is nicknamed Shadow. My tutor is Lesley Glaister, by the way, and she’s brilliant. I also had to write and redraft a screenplay in twelve weeks under the most intense course I’ve ever done. Oy. That was very rough.

I’ve written fan stories for an adventure game called The Longest Journey under the name Tullis, one of which ended up being near-novel length. Those have had a good reception, thankfully. A while back I wrote a short novel called The Immortal Undone which I might rewrite or transform into a script. I recently finished a short film script for a friend whose film group was looking for material to practice on. And if anyone has been listening to Radio Four’s ‘Time Being’ series in the Afternoon Reading slot, my story 'Mr Kuan-Ti’ aired in April and was brilliantly read by Paul Panting.

I also maintain an online science-fiction serial called Nones which I write and illustrate to keep me sane and happy, and indulge my love of other worlds.

Oh, and I have a blog, but it’s not a very important blog. I like it because the name (Inexplicable Trampoline) sums up my life pretty well.

Now I just need a job.

I usually write in either MS Word or Final Draft, and I keep complex notes in VoodooPad, 'cause I love the wiki format and it’s fun to play with. I’m really liking Scrivener, though. It takes some getting my head around to switch, say, a novel project over to Scrivener rather than just ploughing ahead with Word, but I think I might definitely benefit in the long run. Scrivener suits me very well. So, thanks for the effort in producing it.

It’s nice to be here.

Nice Nones site - and thanks for the compliments on Scrivener. :slight_smile:
All the best,