Yes IOS 11 works fine and still syncs using Dropbox

This is just a suggestion…

I am not a big follower of forums really… I’m usually out back with my Ipad, staring into the woods and writing. I rarely come to this tech support section because I have never had an issue with Scrivener not working. Well maybe once a few years ago for some piddly little compile question but I’m old… I don’t remember.

Yesterday my Ipad told me I should upgrade to IOS 11 and I wondered if I should do it. I worried that the Dropbox sync to my Linux desktop running Windows Scrivener under Wine would still work.

I came to this forum for a quick answer to the question… Should I upgrade to IOS 11 or will it break my perfectly operating little apple cart?

I left with the sense of “I dunno… maybe.”

Back to my suggestion…

Put up a note that says YES IOS 11 WORKS FINE JUST GO FOR IT!

It would save people time and that really is important.

I did it anyway after reading a bunch of unrelated verbiage that kind of suggested that the beta and other features did work. I really did not want to bother if the sync was going to need any kind of tinkering or workarounds though.

It did work and my little Linux/IOS 11/Windows monstrosity continues to hum along fine.

Thank you…