YES!!!! Life Saver

Thank you… Thank You!!
I purchased Scrivener for Windows some years ago and have been delighted with it. However I recently moved to Ubuntu because I was so fed up with Windows 10. My only concern was losing some of the apps I had bought for Windows over the years, especially my Scrivener.

Then I discovered you recently released a Linux version which I have installed and so far my testing is looking good. You are fantastic. Very Happy. :smiley: :smiley:

You may be less happy when you find out that’s the last Linux version expected to be released…

Yes I might. It all depends whether it works sufficiently well (ie not too many bugs) that I can use it.
If not then I’ll just have to get over it, but when I moved to Ubuntu I had already come to terms with the idea I had to give up some apps that I had purchased for windows but had no Linux equivalent. Most of what I had has a linux equivalent - Office; Code::blocks; Audacity; Sigil; Calibre; Handbrake; GIMP etc. etc.
Finding even a beta Scrivener was a great start - I would even have paid for a Linux version - but obviously not without ongoing support!

When Ubuntu usurp’s Windows then maybe L&L will wise up … one can live in hope.


Not really. (It works just great with Debian 8.3 w/XFCE interface) As released, it’s pretty solid; all the major functions work just fine. Sure, there’s a few minor glitches, but … so what? It gets the job done and there’s absolutely no equivalent anywhere.

Speaking of the last version I’m still using Scriv ver 2.5 on my OS-X “Tiger” system, and it has everything needed. Whatever bells & whistles have been added in succeeding upgrades are completely unnecessary and not missed in my work environment.

Moral of the story: if it works, be happy. Upgrades beyond a certain point are more of a distraction than an improvement. :wink:

Not entirely. I’m with you much of the way, Graybyrd, but it does come down to individual workflows. I use very little of what Scrivener offers, even major features—I’ve never yet had a use for Outline View, the Corkboard or even Synopsis cards, so my basic usage would still be around Mac v. 1.0—but on the other hand, I find the placement of the inspector icons for switching views at the top of the pane, which came with v. 2.7, a great—though in other ways minor—enhancement. My use of formatting presets is pretty recent, the last couple of years, even though they have been there for a long time. And I think the promised inclusion of proper styles in the next major version will be an upgrade that will be a boon for many, many users, perhaps even me in spite of my having created a workflow that moves that process down the line and obviates the need of styles in Scrivener.

I’m more inclined to be worried about upgrades that “simplify” features for users, but in doing so limit the options available or make it more difficult to achieve something other than what the programmer things you want. This is something Apple seems to be doing. But, although for my workflow, I could still be using OS-X Tiger and v. 2.5, I’ve been caught before on not being able to use something I need or inability to co-ordinate between devices because of operating system constraints. So, I keep myself upgraded.

That said, I have already been thinking about the day when changes to OS-X will irritate me so much I will want to move away, and I thought that if I had to, I’d move to some distro of Linux—I even tried to set up a bootable external drive with Elementary-OS, on the grounds that its interface is most like what I’m used to, but in the end couldn’t make it bootable—but if Scrivener is stuck at v. 1.9 for Linux, I’m very much less likely to make the switch.

Mr X

You’ll get no disagreement from me, Mr. X. :wink: If a new feature speeds your work flow or makes life a bit easier, its a good thing!

Apple’s accelerated obsolescence scheme left me behind several years ago, and MicroSoft Windows 10 free upgrades, with surreptitious Win 10 downloads hidden in so-called security patches, is shaking the faith of many Win users; users who suspect MS will soon have everyone sliding down the perpetual payment subscription path.

Which led me to think the other evening that when Apple ascends to impossible heights and MicroSoft descends to unfathomable depths, why then … variants of Linux become an OS of refuge! And Lit & Lat has Scriv 1.9 on hold, ready to go! A bit of updating, a tweak here, a new feature there, and Voila! (No, I cannot believe that iOS will reign as the production platform of choice. Sorry, Charlie. :open_mouth: I just can’t see it! )