Yes, this is pretty great.

This is an amazing piece of software. I just discovered I can use it to write in LaTeX code (utilizing the plain text export to move everything to TeXworks and compile). Thus, I can combine my research and my writing and keep track of everything.

All I really want to see in the program are add/remove buttons in the keyboard options menu to make it easier to delete the shortcuts I don’t use. This prevents much frustration if my finger slips while typing (I type fast).

I can’t wait to see the finished version.

Excellent discovery. You might want to browse through the MultiMarkdown forum on here as the LaTeX community tends to congregate there as well even if they are not using MMD. There are some interesting ideas in there for using the Compiler to generate bits of LaTeX code for header code based on depth that might be of use to you. MMD is not fully wired up yet on Windows; that’s something we hope to change soon after 1.0. If you aren’t familiar, it’s a really easy way to generate LaTeX code with highly readable source text. It comes at the expense of flexibility of course, being a generator language, but for basic output that you can then take and transform to your needs, it’s pretty good. I use it to generate the .tex files for the user manual.

That’s going to be worth its weigh in gold for me, since the analog music writing program I use is actually a variant of LaTeX, lilypond. So you can embed it into LaTeX. MMD will be worth its weight in gold for me, and that’s one feature I’m really looking forward to.