Yet another dropbox issue (read all guidance, but unresolved)

Hi everyone,

I seem to have lost a month’s worth of work when I synched from iOS to Mac and I’m posting in faint hope of recovering. I’ve had Scrivener for years and never had a synching problem. When I tried to work I found a lot of my work was missing on Mac. I went back to iOS, did not sync, found it missing there as well. I tried to recover it from the version system on dropbox, but it’s claims latest version is from a month back. There seems to be no local copy of my work on the iPad (unless it’s hidden somewhere?), and no trace in the conflicts. I always close Scrivener on Mac, as I habitually close all programs before shutdown.

It almost looks like Scrivener iOS never actually synched with dropbox for a month despite saying so…has that happened to anyone before? Is there any way I can recover the files from some sort of cache?

Thanks a ton!

Locate your zipped backups on the Mac and see if your lost work is in one of them.


If iOS Scrivener says it has synced with the DB server, it has done so.
In iOS Scrivener, check which DB folder you are syncing to. Maybe you are looking in the wrong folder on your Mac?
Tap Edit, the gear wheel, and Dropbox settings.

Hi guys, thanks for the quick reply!

I am synching into the standard apps/scrivener folder. When I check the older versions it only gives me variants of the last synch, and then next something from a month ago. Literally nothing in between, as if I did not synch daily (which I do).

Something must have gone wrong between the iOS version and dropbox, no? Otherwise the earlier versions would be there?

Is there any local cache on iOS I could access?

Did you check the settings?
Screenshots of your projects screen and of the settings would help.

I’m not aware of any way the Dropbox synch could do that short of a user error.

As asked above, have you checked ZIP backup files? You DO backup?