Yikes: file suddenly won't open

Here’s what I got when I tried to open my manuscript last night:

The document “draft TWO.scriv” could not be opened. The project is not writable. Scrivener does not support read-only projects.

I have no idea what went wrong and I pray this can be salvaged!

Any thoughts?

Thank you.

Is the project on a device or folder where you have no write permissions?


No - it’s set as Read/Write on the file.
That’s why it’s frustrating me.

The only reason this will happen is if the file is locked or set to read-only. Do a Get Info on the file in Finder and check that it is not locked. The code that spews this method literally just uses the system’s file manager and checks -isWritableFileAtPath: - so OS X is telling Scrivener that this file is not writable for some reason, which must be permissions of some sort.

Hi silverlakewater, there is quite a helpful discussion about ‘permissions’ in the Tips & Trick’ thread, here:

literatureandlatte.com/forum … 80&start=0

It is worth looking through. It presents some very well articulated arguments and useful ideas, both pro and con, on the issue of ‘permissions’.

PS: When you do a ‘get info’ on the file, you might just need to click on the ‘Details’ button in Ownership and Permissions’ and make the Group access also read and write. Certainly worth a try.


Same problem here. Used Get Info, etc. I’m running Apple’s disk permissions repair utility (in the Disk Utility app) to see if that does anything.

No success. I’ll reinstall Scrivener now.

As already mentioned, the only reason this would happen is if you don’t have permissions to open the file. Are you running Scrivener from a non-admin account and trying to open a file that requires admin privileges? Is the file locked? Is it read-only? Re-installing almost certainly won’t fix this - it is a permissions issue.

I created it on a now-deleted non-admin account and opened it with the admin account. It was not locked or read-only; I am adroit at navigating permissions, and found no flaws. I changed the owner to my account; no effect. I ended up showing the package contents and creating a new document.