Yojimbo 2.0 a contender?

What’s the take on Yojimbo 2.0 ?

The update is incremental. Nothing large changed. They concentrated on making the tagging interface and how the program deals with tags better.

It is a program I use as a general dustbin for stuff. I drop a whole bunch of stuff into it and periodically search something from it and then tag it.

Very useful as a repository of all the nuggets of information you come across every day. It is running on my computer whenever my computer is running.

I just fled Yojimbo for Evernote, and just checked out the update – yep, the tagging interface is better. Still doesn’t sync my 200Mb database between machines, though, which is sad, since I miss its webarchive handling and its encryption of whole files terribly.

I updated to Yojimbo 2, simply because I have so much material in it already, and it’s FAST for finding stuff I need constantly.

Re EverNote, I only ever use it to get hand-drawn mind maps into Curio (I snap them with the iSight camera). I like the program, but every time I use it it annoys me, not sure why. And now it won’t sync between my Windows and Mac machines, so…

I’m looking forward to the new version of SOHO Notes (paid for it already) because it has sub-folders, and apparently you can create multiple databases. That will help, because for long projects I have endless material…