yojimbo-esque bookmarklets and print options?

so i’m doing tons of research for my writing project - and i already use yojimbo (amazing app, actually won a copy recently in a contest)

at any rate, yojimbo has these two great bookmarklets: bookmark in yojimbo and archive in yojimbo - any way these could leap to scrivener and in turn default into the ‘resources’ folder for a project? bookmark just grabs the URL and archive prints a pdf full offline copy of a page…

the other nice feature that yojimbo enables is a simple “print pdf to yojimbo” option from within the print dialogue options of any application - very useful if there are snippets from a doc, xls, ppt or some other supported or unsupported file that might find it’s way into a scrivener archive…

YES i know that all of this can be done manually with one or two extra steps, but this is the “wish list” forum so i’m throwing it out here… :wink:

Yojimbo is one big database whereas Scrivener is project-based, which makes things more difficult.

Also, as I have mentioned before regarding a Safari bookmarklet: I have no idea how to create bookmarklets, and the websites and tutorials I have found about them have been no help in creating one for a Cocoa app. :frowning:


…and putting out to desktop or elsewhere and simply dragging in isn’t really that big a deal…actually looking at how to more closely integrate use of yojimbo with scrivener for this stuff (images, archives, links etc all managed and tagged in yojimbo and then filtered and refined for drag into scrivener…)

Tell you what, you add an Applescript interface to add a website reference at some point, and I’ll have a go at writing a bookmarklet that uses it…



I would also like to see the bookmarklet feature. It would be nice to just click a button on my Firefox toolbar and quickly add a URL to Scrivener without copying and pasting. The description from Bare Bones Yojimbo Help: Bookmarklets look like regular bookmarks in your web browser, but instead of pointing you to a web page, they run a small bit of JavaScript. Yojimbo bookmarklets in your browser allow you to save a web page as a Yojimbo bookmark or Yojimbo web archive with a single click.