Yosemite ditty

Using Yosemite now and loving it. Scrivener working terrifically well.

One oddity to report is that in the Key Words pop up windowshade, clicking to open or close a folder of key words causes them all to blink.


When you say windowshade, are you referring to any utilities that bring back the old Mac OS Classic windowshade feature (where you can double-click on a title bar to collapse the window, but leave the title bar behind—how things minimised before Apple switched to the Microsoft method of hiding the entire window in a task area like Dock).

If so, I’d try disabling that temporarily, along with anything it requires to function, and see if the problem goes away.

I’m not seeing anything like that on my system, but maybe you need a bunch of keywords, how many would you guess there are in this project, in total?


About 57 in 8 groups. It didn’t happen previous to Yosemite (in Mavericks). Clicking on the triangle causes everything (every entry) in the shaded window to ‘flash’/blink’.

Thanks, I’ve set up a test project with about sixty keywords ordered into groups, and things still appear solid. Do you get the animation that is supposed to happen? You should see the contents of the keyword group “fold out” or in as the case may be. I’m wondering if the blink you see is happening during the entirety of that animation.

Ok I just tested it. I can’t remember how it behaved in Mavericks I’m afraid. I never paid any attention.

So what happens is that the ‘animation’, which I assume is the sliding out of the sub entries within a group, happens fine.

But what happens now is that when the triangle is left clicked on, every entry in the list (incl groups), is highlighted (in the same way as when an entry is left clicked on) while the slide happens and then the highlighting stops.

One quick question while I think about this further: you are running Scrivener 2.6? We don’t recommend 2.5 on 10.10. I ask because one of the things that did need to be updated for 10.10 is this very panel.

Yes. I should have said that earlier sorry.

v2.6 (25480)

Oh I ought to say that I am using a 2007 iMac. See spec below.
On that note I would report that all of my apps are working perfectly well. Only one ‘glitch’ is in any way notable and that is a stutter when I move between Spaces, but nothing within any app so far.

Hardware Overview:
Model Name: iMac
Model Identifier: iMac7,1
Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo
Processor Speed: 2.4 GHz
Number of Processors: 1
Total Number of Cores: 2
L2 Cache: 4 MB
Memory: 4 GB
Bus Speed: 800 MHz
Boot ROM Version: IM71.007A.B03
SMC Version (system): 1.20f4

AmberV … this issue has now ended since I took action to tackle the graphics stuttering that MANY Yosemite users experience.

I did what was recommended: Accessibility>Reduce Transparency; and Dock>Auto Hide

This fixed the stuttering and also stopped this Keyword Blinking.

Bingo! I run with those options on myself (I can’t stand that new translucency effect behind sheets and in sidebars and such), so that may explain why I could never see it. With a default test account, I could get the flicker. This may be something we could fix actually, as I believe the drawing routines for this class of window are custom.

This graphics issue is all over the web, especially with MBPros. Apple are very likely going to issue something in 10.10.1 so you may not have to do anything. Even the above solution is not 100%. My transition between Spaces is still 2% stuttery and weirdly it gets worse the longer the computer is running during the day.
Anyway best of luck.

Given that the graphics card in a 2007 era iMac only has 128mb of memory (or 256mb with the upgraded model), it might be on the limits of what can handle all of this fancy glitter. To put it into perspective, my wee little MacBook Air 11" has 1gb of graphics memory. So it might be that even with continued optimisation and tweaking (consider a power tool such as TinkerTool, which will give you access to further Mac options not wired up in System Preferences—for example you can disable the Mission Control animation entirely, and I believe the Spaces screen switch animation, too) you only see minimal improvements.

we do all realize how obscene that amount of memory JUST TO DRAW A PICTURE ON A SCREEN is, don’t we?

I’ll go back under my rock. Sorry to have disturbed you.

You’ve got no argument from me on that score. OS X has been plagued by how computationally expensive their desktop rendering engine is—even for the simplest of things like drawing a menu—since day one. It’s a lot better than it used to be, but that comes at the expense of offloading most (all, maybe?) rendering to the GPU.

It’s one way to force people to keep buying new computers they have absolutely no need for, though, not so coincidentally!

Well I’m not so sure, considering my 2007 model is going so well. How many Windows PCs from 2007 are running the latest Windows as happily ?

I wouldn’t know precisely, but I do know that Windows has traditionally had much better support for older hardware. For example, you can switch to a “classic theme” that presents the desktop using the old Win 2000 era interface—no huff and puff and glossy glowing exploding menu shadows, and all animation effects can be disabled by the core system configuration. It would be roughly equivalent to an “OS 9” switch on a Mac—oh how I would love something like that! I’m speaking of my knowledge of Windows 7, however. I have no experience with that tablet OS they are forcing everyone to use these days on their desktops. :slight_smile:

Okay, back to the original topic: Keith has had a look at it and unfortunately the only solution, at this point in time, would break backwards compatibility with older operating systems. So hopefully the work-around with the accessibility setting is agreeable.

Since I’m back from the Land of the Great Firewall, I have finally upgraded to 10.10.1.

Being just back from LotGFW, I don’t have any projects I’m engaged in at the moment, in any app. So real comments will have to wait a bit. I’m doing the upgrades at the minute, but:

I am perfectly happy with what I see at the moment, but …

I hate the blue colour of the folder icons in the finder. Really awful colour, so if anyone knows how it can be changed, I’m all ears;

My favourite browser, OmniWeb, in spite of a just released update to the in-progress OW6 to iron out incompatibilities with 10.10, suffers from appalling stuttering while scrolling on the Scrivener forums … so for the moment I’m using Opera. I haven’t found the stuttering on the Nisus, Scribble Code or OmniGroup forums, though.

So, more in due course.

Mr X

Further points.

The stuttering scrolling in OmniWeb persists, in spite of turning off transparency. I haven’t tried unhiding the dock, 'cos I like it hidden; perhaps I should.

I still detest that blue colour.

Specific to Scrivener, when I open a project for the first time since upgrading to 10.10 — 10.10.1 to be exact — it opens in full screen, which I have never used. I have to turn off full screen for that project to stop that happening. An annoyance, but not major.

Much more annoying is that on this MBA, Yosemite takes 2 3/4 minutes to shut down completely. Dreadful … if I have to do a reboot, I have to sit and watch the little whizzy thing going round all that time … I know, I know, I could go and make a cup of coffee while it’s shutting down. But that really irritates me. I want to shut down 'cos I’m going to be leaving, and I have to remember to start the process minutes earlier, so that it does so completely and I don’t put the computer to sleep in the middle of the process by closing down the screen!

Hi Xiamenese,

I as well hate the blue folder icons on Yosemite (and it was one of the reasons I haven’t upgraded until just recently), but I found a way to change them, as well as the ugly new icons and dock.

There is a video on Youtube that shows you how: youtube.com/watch?v=EkorqW12N-4

Hope you find this as helpful as I did!

(While this is my first post to the forums – and apologies for not exactly being on topic – I do stalk the forums frequently to stay up-to-date on all things Scrivener. Scrivener is by far the greatest app ever made for Mac, and I can hardly wait for it to come out on iOS. :smiley:)

Hi Megan,

Thank you for your post. I must admit I had promptly forgotten that I’d said I’d get back to report on how things were going, and it’s now 6 months, and 10.10.3! (I’m not trying system betas, I can wait for launch.)

My ultra-slow shutting down, and no doubt several other issues were solved by taking the time to do a clean reinstall of 10.10 followed by manually reloading all the apps I actually use and the data I need around, rather than archived. I’ve also disabled the transparency effect, but not the automatic dock hiding. For that, I’ve gone radical with my ‘minimal approach’ so the only things permanently found in the dock are the Finder and Trash. Obviously, the icons of running apps are there but go when I close them. And my desktop is clear of any icons except temporarily. I do all through keyboard shortcuts … also means no-one else can use my MBA easily.

So now this late 2010 MBA, which has a pretty slow processor, only 2MB RAM and no separate GPU, zips along nicely for everything I need.

Sadly, I’ve had to abandon OmniWeb … development is so slow, and then versions came along which simply wouldn’t run. In exchange I’ve found a new browser under development by the original Opera team, Vivaldi, which is still at the early stages of development, but has things I liked about OW such as graphical window-tabs on the side, and which already works for most of my browsing purposes, with Safari <ugh!> for banking, and Chrome for everything else, until extensions and the like are programmed into Vivaldi.

As for the blue icons, like aircraft noise and traffic noise, I’ve got used to them so no longer notice the colour. Actually, that goes for all of the icons … as long as they are easily recognisable when I need them, that suits me; and on Finder windows, I look at the label rather than the icon, so …


Mr X