Yosemite Public beta crashes

Yes, I know it’s a beta. Just posting this for reporting/seeing if anyone else has the same problem.

I get consistent crashes in the compile screen when selecting which files to include. More frustratingly, Scrivener will crash whenever I type in a page # for a session/draft target. This make the feature totally broken (because unlike the compile screen, my changes aren’t saved when I reopen).

2010 13" MBP.

Please see:


We would appreciate more details so that we can address any issues. The compile screen works fine for me and the others on the team who have been tested on Yosemite.

Please remember that you should never install a beta OS on your main computer or use it as your main OS; beta OSes should not be used for any critical work.

Thanks and all the best,

I thought I sent a crash log via the built in reporter for the compile crashes, but if not, I’ll send one when it happens again. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be happening consistently anymore. (Previously, I could reliably crash it many times in a row. Curious.)

I’ve just looked through our crash logs data base - does your first name begin with an “S”? I found a crash log for 10.10 related to targets, but unfortunately crash logs often only tell a fraction of the story and aren’t enough to track down the bug (sometimes they are all it takes, but rarely, unfortunately). In this case, it seems to be a memory error, which are notoriously difficult to track down. Are you in scrivenings mode when it happens at all? (There’s a known bug with scrivenings mode on Yosemite.)
Thanks and all the best,

No, it’s an M. It happens even when I’m not in scrivenings mode.
I’ll get it to crash and send you an email with the log.