Yosemite - Scapple dies


I’m guessing you might already have seen this - but scrapple is extremely unstable in Yosemite beta. I can’t open many of my old scrapple diagrams at all - immediate crash. Drag and drop doesn’t work either.

Also, Scapple crashes out when attempting to add any form of graphic.

For the time being, I suggest avoiding Yosemite and Scapple as a combination. Luckily, I have another machine running Mavericks so I can continue working on that machine.


Hi Mike,

Thanks for the reports. This post is specifically about running Scrivener 2.5 on the Yosemite beta, but the general tenor applies to Scapple as well. We’ll be testing and addressing issues that arise with the new OS, but it’s important to keep in mind that Yosemite is currently only in beta and there are still bugs with it, and software isn’t guaranteed to run on it. You definitely don’t want to be running the Yosemite beta as your main system yet, though it sounds like that’s not a problem as you still have Mavericks.

All the best,


Understood - I thought it might save some frustration with other people. Simple stuff works, but it looks like graphic imports cause the issue. If you want a copy of something that currently causes an immediate crash, please let me know …

I think Yosemite Beta has a few image memory management issues, as large graphic merges in applications like Photoshop CC also crash.


P.S. If you want a beta tester for Scapple on Yosemite, happy to help out!

Experiencing same issues.
Problem occurs, when diagrams get’s large. Many Notes, Connections and Borders.

Please keep us updated on solutions for this one :slight_smile:
Thank you!