Yosemite upgrade


As near as I can tell the only hold back on scriv with yose is the PDF problem. Can you confirm?

Just evaluating my upgrade timing since I have time for it in the next week or so…

Yup, PDF is the main problem—I have been using Adobe Reader for most PDF tasks, and expect I will be for a while given that the problems with the 32-bit PDF Kit are mostly the result of abandonment, best I can tell. All of the problems from 10.9 are still there (I’d say the white rectangle bug when scrolling is even worse), and a few more besides. Mainly I’m hopeful they fix the navigation shortcut problems with page break mode (as that was a solid work-around for the bugs in continuous display mode in 10.9). I would gladly go back to working with PDFs that way in Scrivener if I could, I’ve grown used to it since 10.9.

The rest of the program has been working well for me since launch, and going by the support requests we’re seeing, for most others as well. Most of the issues are the common results of doing an in-place system update instead of a clean install (which Apple, of course, makes extremely difficult for the average person to do) and not auditing all software in use for compatibility updates.

hmm… I only use OS stuff for PDF (preview). Never really use pdf in scriv (copy content for disection).

not sure I’m up for a clean install (yes, I’m lazy) even though i know it’s the right thing.

At least scriv isn’t going to be my problem


It’s Californian Roulette without a clean install. It may work flawlessly, and I strongly suspect that in the vast majority of cases it does. I didn’t mean to imply everyone should do that (I do, but I need clean systems for testing anyway), but that there is a chance that the update could end up mangling some internal necessary framework that Scrivener needs to function properly, and that this can generally only be fixed with a clean install. I’d try easy mode, I did during the developer preview phase and didn’t run into any issues.

Remember Im a skipper. Every even numbered OS. I do the clean just to make sure I get rid of the old stuff. I just don’t like the “start over” aspect.

Daughditor… She’s the “click install” type so it will go fine for her.

i regret this. I should have listened to piggy.

Try: Enable “Graphite” theme, “Reduce transparency” in Accessibility:Display, and maybe the dark menu bar option. I also recalibrated the monitor as the default profile was so washed out you could barely even see the difference between an enabled and disabled menu command (never mind the over-use of transparency making this even worse, until you disable it). It’s made most of 10.10 something I can abide, maybe even get along with.

Saved as evidence and forwarded to the pig-meister for use when needed.
Timely reminder to the rest of us to always double check what we post online… :wink:

I’m upgrading this weekend, so have made a note of this advice. I wouldn’t have thought of recalibrating the monitor. Thanks.

Still to decide whether to use the clean install or dirty update method. I wonder if some of the issues I’ve faced recently are due to years of accumulated cruft, so can see the benefits of the clean sweep. Now that I have a working clone of current HDD (as opposed to simple backups), I’m more confident of my ability to do a clean install and know I can return to “now”. I’m still hesitating because of the need to reinstall all my apps (some of which will require finding the original install disks - I’m looking at you Microsoft Office). :confused:

Any advice from either of you that might help smooth the path?

What Mac do you have? I haven’t noticed any problems with colours looking washed out. To me, Yosemite looks cleaner and clearer than Mavericks etc.

This would be the default “Color LCD” profile (which is just generic and fairly flat light curves I’m sure) for the MacBook Air 11".

Must find someone with an 11" Air and take a look. Thanks.


Shrink current boot slice as much as possible. Create bootable usb or external. Install on free partition created by shrinking current boot. When asked import user data from previous boot drive.

Bemoan your loss of usable interface as you boot a clean Yosemite.

But we can always boot back to the shrunken drive. Which I may be doing later this evening.

I started to think about installing on a new partition this afternoon. You’ve convinced me. But why the need for the bootable external?

Unable to find graphite. reducing transparency made me hate it more.

The real problem for me is the “cartoon” nature of the UI. This pile of sh!t looks like south park or some other cartoon network show for juveniles. There is no way I could take this to a corp event and present without being looked at like a moron (at least not until everyone else upgrades.

Nom, to the slice shrink method I mentioned. it makes “going back” easier. If you decide you want to drop yosemite let me know and I’ll provide you some back out help. Just don’t wait a long time for the back out.

It allows you the security of knowing that yose isn’t going to f up your current os.

As you can tell I am not happy about this terrible os. I feel like I’ve wasted a decade working with Mac when i should have been sticking with linux. You may like it, but I’m rapidly losing patience with things like safari, the damnable window controls. and just about everything else. If you think cartoons are hip… more power to you.

I’m going to look for anything to make this worth my while. I will mention that the speed is a little better this morning after letting it run overnight (drive indexing from what I can tell). So far no compatibility issues (unless you consider my brain to be something the OS needs to be compatible with).

pile of sh!t.

Phew. I’ve done already made a bootable clone for that exact reason: Checked the clone was bootable this morning and, unlike my last effort (which reliably caused a kernel panic every time) all went well. When I saw it listed as an instruction I was worried there might be another reason I should know and that I was more ignorant than I realised. Thankfully, it seems I’m only about as ignorant as I already suspected. :neutral_face:

No! :open_mouth: Really? You hide it so well. :unamused: :wink:

Tell us what you really think. :wink:

I’ll report here over the weekend with my initial impressions.

you have to remember that there were 2 valid reasons I move to mac and one invalid reason.

  1. “it just works”

  2. The interface was comfortable

  3. Microsoft makes me feel dirty

  4. Linux has caught up from a consumer reliability aspect.

  5. My previous posts should address this one

  6. No change

at this point the only reason I could possible have to stay with apple is my investment in media. I’m willing to spend $$ to get something that gets me back to #2 just as I was when I moved to mac in the first place.

Apple is likely making the right business decision (give the market with $$ the system they want). 40yr old curmudgeons don’t buy the latest and greatest anything (not all 40yr old, just the curmudgeons). Why should they give a rats ass about my preferences? I understand that. But it is a two edged sword. If Apple can not give me something that I can enjoy, then I will take my “disposable” income and spend it on something I will enjoy. Like a boat. For fishing.


I just remembered that I can’t create any additional partitions on my main drive as I already have a bootcamp partition and my main partition is encrypted with FileVault (necessary for my work). Might test Yosemite on a firewire drive partition and then… something. I’ll work out the something. :unamused:

Ah, the problem of “data protection”.

next time do the following:

  1. have “genius” set up your “user” directories on a separate slice (slice1 boot@20g, slice2 users@50%, slice3 data@remainder)
  2. encrypt slice 2 only
  3. use VM not boot camp.
  4. use slice three for things like upgrades.

I’ve been around a bit. You’d think os providers would be smart enough to start providing rational disk strategies for user safety and ease.

Oh wait. They can’t charge you support fees if it is safe, reliable, and easy. Never mind.