I’ve been reading the ars technica review of Yosemite, and my ears pricked up at the comments around handoff. This functionality will apparently be available to apps using Yosemite and iOS8 that are developed by the same Developer.

Will this be part of the syncing options for iScriv? Would such a thing be possible with the nature of The .scriv file format?

In case people don’t realise, Handoff doesn’t work with all Macs that can run Yosemite. Users need recent Macs…

macworld.com/article/2825972 … emite.html

My 2007 iMac happily runs Yosemite, but it can’t handle Handoff.

I have the late 2013 Mac Book Pro and just done the upgrade, have to say was also impressed that now I can use airdrop between computer and other iOS devices I have

I got an e-mail from agilebits.com, urging me to upgrade to version 5.
They did not explain that 5 runs only in Yosemite.
By the time I realized their error, I was stuck with inoperative versions of 4/5.

So I had to upgrade to Yosemite. I had wanted to wait for version 3 or 4,
The installation process was truly awful, the worse i’ve ever had:
3 hours for a MacBook Pro, and 2 for a MacBook Air.
A lot of down-time, thanks to 1 Password.

And after working with Y several hours, I have to say:
The changes appear to be cosmetic only.
Spindly icons, extremely thin display type, nearly unreadable
And no way to change that I can see.

Chrome and Scrivener still work and look fine.
I will soon try to see what junk Apple apps I can remove.
GarageBand, for starters. :mrgreen:

Any way, for me, it’s been the
Worst. Upgrade. Ever.

We looked at Handoff, but unfortunately it’s not something that will work well with Scrivener for various reasons, so it certainly won’t be part of iOS 1.0 sync, although we’ll continue to evaluate it.

Well, I’ve gone ahead and upgraded to Yosemite. The process was quick, simple, flawless, and… instantly regrettable. OMG just how ugly is this damn interface?!

Reduced readability of the fonts. Strange unremovable micro gaps between the windows and the menu bar. Monochrome icons in the menu bar. Hugely over-saturated icons in the dock.

Man, I totally should not have done that. :frowning:

Did you happen to try Ulysses III after upgrading? Sheet titles now appear right justified on my system. Even if the title is a single word, it gets stuffed with white spaces in between. :frowning:

Really like the new look. Think the fonts are far more readable.

Did you like it straight away, or did it grow on you?

I liked it when it was first showcased by Apple. Love at first sight.

Loved nearly everything when I beta tested it…the dock still isn’t a triumph IMO, but I really don’t care about that. My late 2007 iMac works better today than it has ever done. Remarkable.

I adore the system font. So crisp and clean…to my eyes.

I was largely agnostic to the changes when I first upgraded to beta 1 (install was very smooth, and no major killer bugs but lots of unfinished loose ends); no great new features to play with really. The first builds were worse on non-retina displays, and a lot of revisions have made everything look much better across display types, but I think Apple are focussed on retina displays going into the future. Yosemite’s aesthetic has slowly grown on me. I tend to prefer minimalism anyway[1], and have had no problem with contrast or legibility with any of the betas or the final release. Along with Briar, I also much prefer the new system font. Going back to a Mavericks machine now and everything seems, how to say it, “heavy” :unamused: But feature-wise[2] this is probably the OS X release where I find it hardest to justify as really worthwhile (I use an android phone)…

[1] I really preferred the monochrome Finder icons when they first came out for example, which other people hated.
[2] I’m enthusiastic about the new extension system, but so far very only markup really benefits, and I’m no fan of Apple Mail…

What seems to be a bugfix release appeared to me under the update options yesterday, just four days after initial relase.

For those of you struggling with the font, if you go to system prefs->accessibility, there’s an option to increase their definition. Can’t remember off hand what exactly it’s calked. Basically it looks as though someone has outlined the font with a very fine black pen. Might help.

Personally I like the new interface. My mac is too old to use continuity/handoff, so the upgrade is largely under the hood and cosmetic improvements for me.

The reason I’m struggling with it is because it’s ugly. Basically someone has replaced my computer interface with a font that is indistinguishable from Arial. Blergh.

Ah, fair enough. That’s the kind of cosmetic change that I don’t really notice. If I hadn’t read the complaints about the font in various places, I would’t have even noticed!

Well, I quite like Helvetica Neue and frequently use it in my own documents (although I once I update to Yosemite, that will change - system fonts and work fonts should not be the same. It’s a rule).

However, just for you…
github.com/jenskutilek/FiraSyst … eplacement

Beauty. Eye. Beholder. :smiley:

Yeah, can’t stand the esthetics, but I do like the features of iOS8 and Mavericks/Yosemite. I wish they’d let us pick from a list of themes, based (loosely at least) on past iterations of the OS.

We are having way to many intersections of opinion. It is not a good sign for you…

But I agree with piggy. I hate upgrades. I hate upgrades that make me “relearn”. I call that ugly. This is ugly. But… my rule is no more than 2 majors out of date. Upgrade pending several app upgrades. Piggy exhausted my slush fund so it will be a week or two before I join him moaning about the horrors of Yosemite every day.

Differences of opinion make the mind fizz. Good, yes?

But upgrades that make you relearn are new, and I know you like new things. :smiley: