"You are opening the application "Scrivener" for the first time. Are you sure you want to open this application?"

The pop-up message attached below appeared as I tried to open my desktop Scrivener WIP after a couple months’ “vacation” from working on it. It sounds a bit ominous to me … ominous as in: why the heck should I NOT open it?

I remember that when I last worked in Scrivener I was having considerable trouble making sense of multiple back-ups. And now I can’t remember what settings I may have changed at that time! I hope this is making some sense … and hope that someone can enlighten me on how to proceed. %22You are opening .... for the first time ....png

This is a system message that your Mac operating system kicks up when you double click on any application that the system thinks you have never opened before. It is meant to prevent users from innocently double clicking on something they downloaded and which they thought was a document, but is really a malicious application.

The only question here is why would your Mac think you are opening Scrivener for the first time? Have you had to reinstall your operating system or upgraded to a new operating system version or moved your stuff to a new mac or reinstalled the Scrivener app itself, etc.?


Thanks, gr. To answer your questions the best I can, the only changes I made recently came as a result of repeatedly making backups of backups – and thereby making a mess of things.
I contacted Support about it several weeks ago and was advised to change the following settings in the Scrivener backups pane: 1) change my setting to make ZIP backups; 2) set the automatic backup folder to save to a new location: Desktop/New Backup Folder; 3) locate the current best copy of my WIP and then use the “Save As” command to save it with a temporary name to identify it. Then, yesterday, when I attempted to open my new “best copy” I got the “system message” you referred to in your reply.
My question now is: can I safely ignore it?
Thanks a million!

None of that would explain why your Mac is thinking the copy of the Scriv app in your Applications folder is something which has never been opened since it was dowloaded. So that is still a mystery.

Personally, I would forge ahead. The application that is opening is precisely the application you expect to be opening at that point, which is really all that warning is giving you a chance to consider.


P.S. It is possible that you have or have had two copies of the Scrivener app on your Mac – one in the Application folder as expected and one somewhere else. That might result in you getting that message at a certain point. Just speculating though.