"You can no longer edit your post"

So, what is going on with the forum these days. In seemingly random fashion I sometimes loose the ability to EDIT my own posts. The only options that remains is to delete it, report it or quote myself.

Sometimes it happens this way: I hit the Edit button and it says I can’t edit my post anymore. Then the Edit button disappears.

Other times, it just turns out there is no Edit button when I go to click it.

As I have seen at least one by-the-way mention of this phenomenon recently on the forum, I know it is not just me!


p.s. Sorry for posting in Wish List, but there is no Forum Forum.

It’s happened a couple of times to me, once tonight (Edit not available to click). After I deleted the post then reposted Edit was available and worked.

The ability to edit a post expires after a certain amount of time (I think it is ten minutes or so). So if that period of time passes in between the point where you last reloaded the page and when you click the Edit button, that would explin it.

I had to enable this option because we were getting too much edit-spam: cases where spammers post semi-plausible comments and then come back two or so weeks later and insert links to junk.

Edit was immediately unavailable to click after I submitted a post last night, so I guess the timer starts counting down when a reply/post is begun? Just letting you know in case that’s not the intended behavior.

Other data point in case it makes a difference––for last night’s Edit unavailability, gr, had posted in the thread* before I’d clicked submit (I’m pretty sure I’d begun before he’d started his reply).


I’ve double-checked the settings, and they were set a little low, below the threshold of what Edit should be used for anyway. The value it is set to now should be a bit more lenient in that regard.

The compulsive editor in me thanks you and my typos thank you!