You know Scrivener got its hook in you when...

… you start to dream about it.

I had finished my novel and wanted to export it. Something didn’t work quite right, and I spent my dream browsing these boards fixing it. It turned out Apple’s fault, and it had something to do with line-breaks.

So yeah, how did you noticed you got hooked?


I only made it three-fourths of the way through the tutorial because I had to start writing!!!

I asked my family to buy it for me for Christmas. As my ONLY gift.

Yes, they got me more, but they really didn’t like the idea of “more computer crap”…

When I had a bunch of old index cards set out on the floor and tried to Edit Scrivenings them?

When I stopped using Ulysses.


Oh, yes, that was a pivotal point, too. Another point would be when I realised that I, as a consummate software hopper, haven’t hopped when it comes to writing software in a many years.

When I went ahead and paid for it BEFORE my 30 days was up.


When Ive got my head around Scrivs Tutorial, and figured out what Scriv can do, Ill probably be hooked too. :smiley: Vic [size=50]PS: Whos this Inspector guy? What does he do?[/size]

If you never spent a few weeks being seduced by the sheer Germanic BMW-like engineering of Ulysses, you may not appreciate what it took to make us change.