You know you have a problem when...

…you hear that there’s a huge tropical storm/hurricane headed your way and your first thought was to back up your Scrivener projects to dropbox, so you’d have something to work on at a Starbucks, if the power goes out. :slight_smile:

… the nearest Starbucks will probably lose power the same time you do.


Aren’t Starbucks surrounded by glass windows? I wouldn’t think it is the best place where to be during such a storm. Take care!


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Boo, so much for my clever plan…(and the closest one is right on the water.)

The nice thing about Starbucks is if one blows away there’s always 30 more within walking distance.

…The White house, Government agencies and the media refer you to TV, the internet, and social media for any and all emergency information even though data centers are under water and millions are without power instead of posting non-tv internet contact information such as telephone hotlines or radio station numbers for emergency broadcasts and coverage.

Reminds me of calling tech support for a computer issue that prevents a computer from getting online or even booting up and the recording constantly says to go to their website for support and help information.


I know, right? once when the power was out (not this last storm) the power company told us to report it online. While, yeah, Steve’s got an iphone with a data plan, not everyone does.