You OK, Jaysen?

Heard y’all are getting some weather down there. Still there? Floated away? Already consumed your beer and hurricane snack stash?

Nothing for my house. Not much for the apartment. Be very careful with believing the weather hype. In the last 4yrs I’ve come to the conclusion (and i’m very serious) that most of the hype is all about controlling money. They generate panic that drives folks to spend on inflated prices. They use “state of emergency” and “mandatory evacuation” to force businesses to close. The real impact of most of these events is the loss of income and saving (or debt accumulation) to the working poor and middle class.

I’m not saying there aren’t real dangers, but they are hyping the dangers way to early and forcing governments to force situations too far in advance. The next major storm will have real loss of life as most folks are to the point of ignoring the declarations at this point.

Which is the long way of saying… I’m doing GREAT! Hoping to enjoy some sailing this weekend (there should be plenty of wind) and maybe some fishing. Thanks for asking.

Just so Scriv’s crew aren’t wondering wot planet y’re on, I’ll just interject here for a moment, and point out for the benefit of those not familiar with your alien’s keyboard, that you probably meant to type “I’m NOT saying there aren’t real dangers.”
Apart from that, the last I heard, the combined length of both Carolinas’ seaboard was under threat. You’ll just have t’ post some piccies of you, in situ. :open_mouth:

Fixed it for you Mr K. Fixed it. I’d love to get some pics for you. Please hold…

Last night…

today with a bit of wind (only 22mph or 19kn) …

3’ rollers on high isn’t a big deal here. I would put this as a bit tricker if your in a 12’ rowable sail boat (what I go out in). But still not too bad. You’ll notice a distinct lack of flood or rain.

Kind of boring here actually. Not even any branches to cut up with a saw…

Woahhh!! Makes y’ wanna go skinny-dippin’ :smiley:

This is what I normally I use to explore the waterways…

I’ve had her our in 20kn (25mph) wind and 2ft chop. It was … educational. I’m not afraid to go out there in conditions like that lunch time pic, but I don’ t have a safe launch point right now. At some point I need to get out there in a real blow just to learn how to handle the conditions. But for now… Lil Bit (the boat) is under lock and key to keep me off the water.

I can just see you hanging over the side, muttering “HO! HO! and a bottle of Rum!”

I take it you’re referring to the saline solution, and not the Holy Distillations!! :open_mouth:

Yes. To both assumptions. I’ve been chastised for “boating under the influence” but by SC law I’m EXEMPTED as an undersized unpowered craft. Rum WAS involved. And the boss lady was all “I m ow you’re stupid and don’t mind milking yourself, but you need to finish fixing the house, your car, and those things at work before you go off and act stupid… again”.

So water water. H2O. The distillations all still fair game.

It looks like a pretty severe storm to me!

Don’t get me wrong. If you were right in the eye or in the mantel off shore (frying pan tower for example) it wasn’t pleasant. At this point it’s no worse that the daily storms most southern coasts here. Just longer.

We are going to see if we can get into Charleston today. Nothing actually happening there and I’m tired of the shared accommodation here. Should be interesting.

I was more amused by the people casually strolling around behind the weather forecaster, who was lurching and cowering against the storm! Reminds of that time they put the news anchor in a boat, and someone walked into the frame and you could see it was a puddle they were sitting in.

Doesn’t mean the storm didn’t happen, but as you say, they do tend to ham it up a bit.

WOT! :open_mouth: A BIT?!!!

I believe they use Mr K as a screen writer. But they have the decency to self censor some of the ham.

Ain’t no hamming up with these poor souls :frowning: … toll-rises

Glad to hear you’re OK, for some version of OK> :slight_smile:

yeah, Asia’s getting absolutely hammered this summer. I got a friend from grad school in Osaka, and he said it’s pretty awful.

These storms aint not joke. But here in the US the hype is inexcusable. It’s not like we are unable to communicate due to poverty, lack of infrastructure or real corruption like much of Pacific Micronesia. In areas with proper communication they should use facts, not fears, to make decisions. If folks really want to help storm impacted families, make sure you give to a legit aid org. There’s a lot of politics in that statement so I’m not making any suggestions other than “the biggest advertiser likely isn’t the best option”.

Oh yeah, no kidding about aid organizations. Most have a gigantic overhead and take awhile for things to actually get to people. Local groups are better poised to help out in a lot of cases because they’re already tapped into local suppliers, support, etc.

Up our way a tornado “warning” is “these clouds might produce something, but probably nothing.” Where I grew up in the midwest a tornado warning was “a funnel cloud touched down about 25 miles southwest, so you might want to grab the weather radio and think about heading to the basement.”

I have to wonder if it’s all what you’re used to? In New England and the upper midwest a blizzard means something different to southern Illinois…

In the 4 yr I’ve been here it’s gone from “Yep, big ole nasty, but let’s see where she goes before we all get butt hurt over it” to “OMG!!! THERE’S A CLOUD IN THE SKY!!! WE! ARE! GOING! TO! DIE!!!”

Don’t get me wrong, these storms will kill you. But when did we get so frightened that we can’t use a bit of logic before crushing our local economies by shutting all the businesses down, forcing folks to spend savings, and stopping the working classes from earning a paycheck for a week? SC alone is looking at something like $1B in lost incomes for the MANDATORY shut downs.

As a kind in Ohio, I remember the tornado sirens going off at a little league game. we all kept playing but some folks were posted to look for the funnel clouds. When they were spotted north of the the science teacher parent took the time to provide a lesson on how weather worked and why we need to pay attention but not be afraid of that particular funnel. A few minutes later when one was south west that same teacher yelled to the ump and we all sprinted to the shelter with teach explaining the change.

In my opinion, the culture of fear is out of control.

It’s not a culture of fear. That’s simply the by-product of a culture of laziness and convenience, of a culture whose educational roots are attacked and eroded through intent and neglect, while the people are offered the pablum of entertainment and instant gratification.

When people don’t learn things, can’t learn things, and don’t have what they were taught reinforced, they are so much more susceptible to control. And we have done it to ourselves.