'You told scrivener you wanted a page break'

Quote above was support individual’s words via email not mean
Problem is no advice she has provided - ie checking for invisibles , which I have done and tried to delete but cannot and checking widows and orphans box on compile format - not helped either

Other issue for me is that she is in a different time zone. No problem from my point of view where this is, but in reality means responses between us takes hours

Because I have tried reading apples format guides for invisible deleting pages etc I think I may phone them today for phone support

I’m wondering if they will advise that there is a compatibility problem with scrivener

I am not trained or qualified in word processing but did use macs pages for years
It never inserted blank pages when I least expected it

The whole idea of me trying scrivener was that it was supposed to be specifically for long writers.
But if blank pages sprout up and I cannot understand the"
"Support " advice then I feel like I’ve wasted hours of my time and money
I did recontact support asking for a different adviser but apparently their head of support is busy, so ,make take some time, and 'you’re stuck with me for the time being
Her words, not mine!!!
But if anyone else can help obviously I’d be relieved, grateful amongst other things