You Tube Video Links Added to the Research Folder do not play correctly


I have created links in the Research Folder so I can visit webpages to help with researching topics for my manuscript.

When I add YouTube Videos, the video pops up in the window, but shows two video windows. The top window shows the video loading but it won’t play, and the window beneath it plays advertisements that show before the video. The window undernaeth is only halfway on the page and I cannot see the entire window.

When I click on the page, nothing happens and the windows do not change.

Any ideas on how I can correct this?


Ivan Scott

I would be amazed if YT wasn’t using some advanced browser functionality that isn’t built into Scrivener’s more basic HTML interpreters. You will probably have to open that link in a browser (double-clicking the link should automatically open in your default web browser).

If you really want to the video available to watch in Scrivener, you may have to figure out how to get the video file exported from YT, if that’s even possible these days. Alternately, if audio is all you need, Audio Hijack (or the cheaper but still functional Piezo) by Rogue Amoeba (software company) can record the audio from any app, and then you can drop the resulting file into your project for playback.

Yes, this is exactly the issue. YouTube uses functionality that Scrivener’s web reader – it’s not a full-fledged browser – doesn’t support.

More generally, any site that depends on scripting is likely to run into similar issues.