Your Browser of Choice?

I’m a browserholic, sad to say. I always come back to Firefox, for the shear beauty of some of those extensions (tab-mix plus means FF wipes the floor with other tabbed browsers, especially if you use Foxspose to add an Expose like functionality that is as good as IE7.) I tried Camino for reasons of workflowness, but it just…argh. No foxspose, no web developer tools, no tab mix plus…

I’ve also tried Opera. I LOVE the tab thumbnail previews, I love that the tabs are above the navigation bar. Hate everything else about it. The widgets are just gimmicks, and you don’t need them if you have Dashboard.

Shiira is very interesting, an immature browser, but extremely interesting. It has a better ‘tab preview’ than any other browser out there, invoked through F7. It has some great functionality, but the beta is extremely beta-y, as they are re-coding it for the 2.0 release. I love that it automatically has Firefox & Safari’s bookmarks, very handy for someone who has to use multiple browsers on the same machine.

I rarely review browsers based on interface look, as I invariably just get a skin that makes it look good in OSX. I had 3 browsers opened yesterday, and my boy couldn’t tell the difference. The only one I cannot customise to fit in OSX is Opera.

I was a Safari/Saft user for quite a while (Firefox 1 ran too slow for me, and Saft added pretty much all the stuff that Firefox extensions did that I used regularly).

Recently I discovered OmniWeb again. I’d tried it a long time ago, and it was in no way worth $30. It’s come a long way, though, and the $15 price tag is much more reasonable. I bought it a couple months ago and have used it as my primary browser since then.

I’m really liking it. It has a few issues that need to be resolved, but a lot of stuff is really well implemented. The workspaces in particular are very, very sweet, per-site preferences are fun, and the image tabs are nice. I’ve gotten used to having them on the side of the window (as opposed to a tab bar), too. The vertical look means you can fit a lot of them in there and still have instant access via mouse (assuming you switch to the non-thumbnail view).

Definitely give OmniWeb a try. It’s not for everyone, but I think that Omni has a lot going for it (although it would be the most use for people who find Safari lacking but don’t leverage the full power of Firefox). This is a pretty sleek browser.

All Camino fans --otherwise known as Keith-- might be interested to see that the latest beta seems to be a decent step towards becoming a real browser. Check out this review.


Yeah, I was just about to post on that. With the discovery of the MODI bookmarklet from (a bookmarklet which then shows css attribute of whatever items your mouse is hovering over) and the fact that system wide spell check now works in Camino, I have pretty much switched.

I’m still waiting for Shiira to get their act together though. Their Expose system for previewing tabs etc blows Camino out of the water.

Count me as a Camino fan, too. I use it for a single purpose, to write blogs. Unlike Safari, Camino gives the user a nice whizzy-wig interface for writing web pages. I log into Blogger, hit “New Posting” and the interface appears. I think it descended from the old Composer unit that was part of Netscape.

Firefox user here, for the pure reason of Adblock Plus and NoScript add-on.

I use Safari 95% of the time, the other 5% is Firefox.

Second OmniWeb. Save workspaces as you browse. Set site-specific preferences. Import files into editable text fields. Edit webpages (on the website!) from browser. No contest. Although that Saft thing for Safari seems like it brings Safari closer.

I forgot ad-blocking. I love ad-blocking.

I was a Safari + Saft + Safari Stand + Safari Enhancer user for a long time. I recently played with Firefox and many, many extensions and eventually made the switch.

I only wish it were a cocoa app to take advantages of services and a few other functions made available through third party apps. Hopefully rendering will improve in future versions.

I wanted to like Camino but, the last time I used it, it lacked the basic functionality of Safari and was nowhere near FF with the available plugins.

Camino, Safari and FireFox are all nice browsers, IMO and each serves a slightly different need.

I also own Omniweb but it doesn’t have much of a place for me at present.

I’ve never liked Opera, though I’ve tried.

Firefox is my normal default on Windows and Linux, but on the Mac I use Camino more than anything else. It’s somewhat minimal on the features, but has all the really important stuff. The Gecko engine is still the best all around IMO, and Camino 1.5 is faster and more stable than my other two favorites, Omniweb and Safari. Omniweb 5.5.4 would be my everyday browser if it didn’t crash so often and have so many rendering glitches. It just seems to be more what a Mac browser should be, with the beautiful tab pane and rich feature set. Safari with Saft/Inquisitor also has a great feature set, but it takes ages to load, and still crashes more than I’m willing to tolerate.

Camino lost my vote when the 1.5 included a search bar which cannot be removed without hacking source code. The beauty of Camino, up until that point, was that it was the only browser I could customize entirely to my specifications.

I only need an address bar since I have a bookmark pointing to Google’s Experimental Search (keyboard navigable) which I assign to the keyword/shortcut “g”. In the address bar I type “g [search terms]” and off I go. No mouse, no search bar.

I also have another one funnelling Wikipedia search results through Google’s Experimental Search (again for keyboard navigability) which I can invoke with “w [whatever I want to search for]” in the address bar.

Camino’s “tough s**t” attitude was a bit of a turn-off when I enquired in the forums about why this “feature” wasn’t removable.

Oh, and suppose I can count myself an Opera user, but only on the Wii platform. :wink: