Your favorite movies?

Empire Strikes Back
The Gladiator
Ninja Scroll

And of course this one
(sarcasm) :stuck_out_tongue:
Waterboarding Torture Demonstration at Justice Department … lLfRCkZuxQ

Great answers, everyone! And yes, I like bambi, because it’s visually so beautiful. Otherwise -

Two comedies that always have me laughing helplessly:
Bringing up Baby, with Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant
My Cousin Vinny!

My favorite Spielberg film and, IMHO, the best film he made:
Empire of the Sun

My favorite fantasy film (which has already been mentioned)
The Princess Bride. But I also really like The Navigator and Labyrinth.

And these are more myth than fantasy:
Into the West (Irish, 1993)
Whale Rider
the Two Towers

Science Fiction - actually, I don’t think there have been that many great ones.
Star Trek IV is just plain fun - low-key and witty. Gattaca is very intelligent, and so is Blade Runner, but I’m not sure I’d want to watch either of them repeatedly.AI was surprisingly good, but also hard to take.

And there are so many others! I loved Ratatouille. Really!

A couple of my favorites have already been mentioned: A Matter of Life & Death, Rear Window, Wizard of Oz, to them I’d add…Foreign Correspondent, Harvey, Arsenic and Old Lace and The Philadelphia Story. And, because it has Bing, Bob, Dorothy, Anthony Quinn and a talking camel, Road to Morocco.

As far as the first Star Trek movie is concerned, I’m with Shatner (we can be wrong together). It’s the only movie I’ve fallen asleep in the cinema “watching”, but I found the others enjoyable romps. I’m a washout as a trekkie though, because my favorite was the whale one, which apparently the real fans dislike (I loved George & Gracie).

Sorry Vic, any movies with animals (that aren’t camels or whales) make me cry. There’s no way I’m watching Bambi.

You`ve got to watch this one :laughing: :laughing:
Anyway, I think there are lessons here for the rest of us ( planet wide). :wink:
Take care

Vic. I cried for 2:42.

But, I have to know…are they still in a relationship?

Youre just a big softie. But! There aint nowt wrong withat!! :wink:

They`re bound to be…tis obviously a match made in Heaven…innit? :smiley:

Feature: J-Men Forever
Short: Bambi vs. Godzilla

No contest…Bambi`ll wipe the floor with Godzilla! :wink:

The Third Man – whoa! That zither! Amazing photography. I once wrote a study guide on this for senior high school students, and being a bit of a photographer myself (although lacking the patience to play with movie cameras) demonstrated how you could storyboard whole slabs of this great movie with a throwaway camera with a fixed lens. It was just before the zoom lens era. In fact, the cine photographer might have had two or at most three lens. They got the effects they did by getting stuff happening in front of the camera and working hard themselves to get great angles, lighting, etc.

Star Wars – I’m human, aren’t I? (Well, there is discussion about that in certain quarters, but we aren’t in those quarters.)

Life of Brian and The Holy Grail – Monty Python genius, although somewhat strained at certain points, particularly the Holy Grail. They could have done it in about half the time, I think. I’m also pretty partial to A Fish Called Wanda.

Cotton Comes to Harlem – I just loved this, it is so over the top. It is a New York crime movie spoof with virtually an all black cast. The whites are largely the butt of jokes – those nasty black stereotypes turned through 180 degrees. The story line is that someone has swindled people out of a lot of money and every crim in sight is running around looking for it. The money is bundled up in a bale of cotton. I remember three jokes running through this film: one thread is the black guys and gals noodling on about their slave heritage and being put down by their friends who know perfectly well they are all generations from slavery, another is the edgy humour turning all the racist stereotypes on their heads – while the main story line is a black guy ripping off blacks, and black goodies chasing really nasty black baddies, and the other is the reinvention of just about every movie slapstick visual joke/cliche that was every invented, plus a couple of new ones. I remember the whole thing being played and made with enormous vigour and gusto. I would love to see it again. I saw this just once, way back in the 1970s, in a movie house in Papua New Guinea, with a predominantly black audience who first, couldn’t believe it, then began roaring with glee. Simply put, they had never seen a movie with black people as the leads and they had never seen a movie where whites were the butt of jokes. It was a joy to be part of it all. I have sought the movie in video libraries here in Australia, but haven’t been able to find it. I would love to see it again.

The Year of Living Dangerously. Set in Jakarta, Indonesia. A very accurate telling of the story of the takeover of the country by General Suharto which began a 30+ year dictatorship of corruption and brutality.