Your survey is broken

I’ve ticked all the boxes on the page, but it keeps telling me this question requires an answer (question 23). I’ve tried ticking all the boxes and it still doesn’t work.

It looks like you haven’t filed in the second line: ‘Learning Curve’, that’s probably the issue.

well now i feel dumb :open_mouth:

Ha, we all have momentary lapses!

Lots of people had a similar problem (missing one of the rows in these matrices). If we run another survey in the future, I’ll avoid using matrix rows like this, as they are visually cluttered and make it too easy to miss a row. I wasn’t entirely happy with them in the first place, but there didn’t seem to be any good alternative other than listing each feature separately with a star rating - although that may have been better in retrospect. You live and learn!

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to fill out the survey.