Your tables need work

Hi. 1st up love the software. Really powerful. I write reports lots of reports and as a result use tables a lot to present data. I am finding that your tables are pretty rudimentary and don’t perofm very well. Can I suggest that you try and align the function to be more like a table in a spreadsheet. I am not talking about replicating a spreadsheet just the basic manipulation of cells, columns and rows and how you select and move about in them.
As an example I can’t select a column. I can only select the whole table. If I try to click from one cell to a cell in the first column I can’t I have to use the keyboard.
I have found the only effective way to work is to use excel and move the data backwards and forwards. This of course then requires all sort of formating changes to make it look presentable. All of this extra effort negates a lot of the efficiencyies I otherwise receive using Scrivener.

Please would you improve the tables form and function? If you do, you open up a whole markplace of IT professionals to yourselves. I couldn’t recomend it as it is to colleagues just now. The tables are just too clumsy and awkward to use.

See this previous thread for what is going on here.