Z order of Style Panel and Find Dialog

Pretty minor, but I keep my Style panel always open and when I trigger a Find, it appears below the style panel even when Find has focus:

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 18.09.38_SMALL.png

Shouldn’t the Find dialog be above Style Panel instead?

I think for that to happen, the Find panel would have to become the same sort of window the style palette is, which would mean it always floats over everything no matter what. Currently you can bring the project window above the Find window, maybe just leaving the buttons visible for easy access.

I wouldn’t be opposed to that notion myself, and I see there is some precedent for it. iWork recently went back to using windows for Find instead of that stripped down embedded motif still used in TextEdit, and in doing so they are now using the utility window style. Meanwhile Scrivener itself uses this type of window for its Find by Formatting tool. My guess would be the Find window works the way it does because that is how it has traditionally worked, and likely how it works without extensive redesign.

At any rate, it isn’t a bug for a standard window type to be always below a utility window type. That is part of what distinguishes these two types of windows. I’ll shuffle this over to wish list though if you prefer?

This is IMO pretty minor (there are pros and cons to having Find always above other windows and I can’t convince myself which is better!), and thus not even worthy of a coveted wishlist spot. :wink:

Yeah, I’m not sure about it either! I do like how for example when you punch the Return key the UI vanishes—I’m not sure if that would work with the utility panel approach. At least, in Pages, you have to manually close the Find window every single time.

Well one significant con to changing it is that I do believe the current Find panel is a “free” element—one of those things Keith can provide a few additional mechanisms to, like RegEx support, but for the most part the whole thing is a simple package that would have to otherwise be reimplemented.