zip backup email sending problem

Hello everybody,

I made a zip backup of a .scriv file and want to send it to a collaborator via email.

The iCloud smtp server (of my iCloud email account) rejects my email with a message saying “message size violation”.
The scrivener ZIP file is only 600 ko…

While is it rejected ?
I can send bigger .Jpeg or pdf files…
I can send this scrivener ZIP backup file with another smtp server and another email address…

Another thing : my collaborator tried to send me a zip backup from scrivener and the file is also rejected… by iCloud smtp server, although its email address isn’t a iCloud account…

So what is the problem between scrivener backups and iCloud smtp server ?
Is there a solution ?

May be it’s a question for Apple iCloud support, but I wanted to know if someone met this ind of problem like me ?
Eric. R

This recent thread (started on 1 July 2014) discusses problems with iCloud emails and zip attachments.

Offers a possible solution…

You may need to share the zip file via Dropbox or other similar service. You just email a link to the file, rather than the file itself, and they can download it that way.

Yes, I can do it ! Thanks.