zipped files

Is there any difference between a zip file using Scrivener’s “save as” function and the OS 10.6.4 “compress” function? (Zip files are part of my Mobile Me backup routine.)

The end result is the same. There is a slight difference though that is an important distinction between the two, especially in cases like MobileMe and DropBox, where everything you write gets transferred across the 'net. With Scrivener’s function, the project gets zipped and then saved to the disk (and subsequently uploaded). If you do not use the zip option though, then the project’s many files get saved first, uploaded—and then removed when you zip them by hand. So it can cause a lot of unnecessary traffic.

Thanks for the incredibly prompt response. You’ve convinced me. I’ve been using “compress,” but I’m going to change to “save as” for efficiency’s sake.

Just to clarify, the actual feature which does zip compression is “Backup Project To…”, not save as. At the moment that might seem like an artificial distinction, but in the future it will be important as there will be an option to “Save As” as well as backup. The backup function includes zip and lets you keep working in the base project you have been. Save As on the other hand, will not have a zip function, and will transfer you to the new project, leaving the old one behind—you’d end up working on MobileMe in that case—not a recommended scenario.