Zoom behaviour


As well on crtl + mouse wheel as on selection in the list, there is an illogical behaviour with zoom.

Trying to drag and drop a piece of text from one sub file to another (in scrivening), I realise that I cannot have the two places on screen at a time.

So I wish to scroll down the zoom, just enough to be able to grab my text piece and carry it where needed.

Well, I was expecting the spaces between files to reduce, but the opposite happened : they became bigger and bigger, although my text was shrinking as expected…

No way to move my text…

I tried the same with the zoom selection : same result, spaces are growing proportionally to the shrinking of the text.

For me I use the mouse wheel to zoom. It works great.

  • Control + forward wheel (zooms in);
  • Control + backwards wheel (zooms out).