zoom changes formatting

Hello! I am new to Scrivener and am using it to complete my dissertation writing. I imported a lot of my files since my dissertation is half way done… a lot of the formatting changed, which has been frustrating but I am fixing it as I go along. I have my preferences set to APA style regulations. My biggest frustration is that once I get the formatting right, if I change the zoom, it changes the formatting in my view!!! I am I missing something? How can I keep this from happening? Normally when you zoom in Word or Pages or a PDF, the formatting doesn’t change… I have tried both going to View and zooming In or Out, and changing the percentages on the lower left of the document.

Thanks for your help!

Scrivener is not a desktop publishing software. It doesn’t have wysiwyg. Formatting in terms of margins, page breaks, etc that you have in Word or Pages are not introduced in Scrivener until you Compile for output. You can set up the editor, the writing environment, in any way you like to facilitate your writing, irrespective of what the final output is meant to be.

Thanks for getting back to me! So if I have an indented quote in my essay will it translate correctly to the final compiled document even if it looks messed up on the screen? It’s weird to me that it changes when I zoom in and out, and as a result I don’t know how it will actually look. I guess I will have to test this to see how it works…

A somewhat simplified answer is “no, it won’t”. Unless you take measures to make sure that the compile treats that snippet of text correctly.
The Compile function has lots of smart options so read the manual.

ok, thanks. I guess that’s what I will do…

If by that you mean the word-wrap changes the number of letters per line or something along those lines, then yes that is expected and fine. We wouldn’t generally consider that to be the formatting of the text however, rather just its presentation, at the risk of splitting hairs. If you open Format/Text/Tabs and Indents… menu tool, jot down those numbers, close the panel, then change your zoom setting and load that panel again and observe changes in the values—then that would be unexpected behaviour and worthy of being referred to as “messed up”. If it just wraps in a different place on the screen because you increased the size of the text within a fixed rectangle (the editor), then it’s almost certainly just fine.

You might be more at home with the View/Page View/Show Page View editor mode, though it is worth stressing that it is still a writing tool vs page layout—it’s not meant to be taken literally—but it will zoom in a fashion that may be more familiar. Our editor is by default more like Word’s basic draft mode. I don’t think Pages has an analogous writing mode these days, it’s strictly a layout oriented tool.

Yes, I was referring to the word-wrap changes that happen when I zoom in and out, specifically for long quotes that are indented. Using the “show page view” editor mode seems to resolve the issue, so I will just use that. I’m sure there is something that I am missing here and hopefully I will figure it out evenually. Thanks for your help!