zoom doesn't work for "full text"-view

I am new here – at first, best greetings to all …

Here are my first little Problem:
In mode “Zusammenfassung der Textdokumente”

– Zoom doesn’t work am my pc.
I think, it would be cool, if I could zooming with the mousewheel.

By the way: It would be also cool, if I could select text in the Editor – can see a selection in the outliner

I hope, you can understand me.

Waiting impatient, that the windows-Version get the cool Features like the Mac-Version.
Any plan for this?


These tips about document focus are for the Mac version of Scrivener. They might be similar for Windows. Hope this helps until a Windows user comes along and offers more pertinent advice.

briarkitesme.com/2014/11/24/whic … ings-mode/


Thank you very much for your tips.

I think, that there is a problem in Scrivener: If I in the “scrivenings mode”? I get the zoom level of the current document - ok. But I have no chance, to adjust the zoom level - see the image in the first post.

In this mode, I can see multiple documents - with the hierarchical documents - I think, it would be cool, if I can click in this window on a range of text - and can see, in which document this is - the last image.
(Hope, you can understand me)

I am courious, when the Windows version get the same cool features like the mac version.

Best greetings

There is a known bug with Scrivenings on Windows currently where the zooming is not working properly while in Scrivenings mode. You can work around this by adjusting the zoom in the editor while only a single text document is loaded, and then load your Scrivenings session. The bug affects the ability to fully load Scrivenings sessions at a high zoom level, so if you are running into display problems with this, e.g. where it appears the text does not fully load, try reducing the zoom level or working in a smaller Scrivenings session (you can Ctrl-click on items in the binder to load them, so you could for instance just load the current document you’re working in and the preceding or following document rather than loading the entire Draft folder). You can also increase the text size in the editor directly, rather than just adjusting the zoom; you can choose to overrride the formatting when you compile and use a smaller size at that time, so what you choose for working in Scrivener does not have to be what is used for your final copy of the manuscript.

Thank you for the info, So, I am waiting for a coming Version for Windows;-)

It would very cool, to know the plans.