zoom in/out shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts for zoom in/out don’t seem to be working, at least not for me.

Also, would zoom in/out, zoom to fit toolbar buttons be a possibility? With all the pdfs I view, it would be handy.



Hmm. I cannot reproduce this. Magnification is working for me in all screens, with regular text and PDFs.

I can’t reproduce this either - cmd-alt-up and cmd-alt-down work fine for me. I won’t be adding toolbar icons for these things because Scrivener is text-based and you already have the pop-up menu. :slight_smile:
All the best,

I’m sorry to say, but the shortcuts don’t do the job.

Are either of you using some sort of application that might be capturing the Cmd-Opt-Arrow keystrokes, but for whatever reason is doing nothing with it?

Yes, this is very strange, because they work absolutely fine for me. Have you checked the View menu to ensure that the shortcut keys are detailed correctly next to Zoom In / Zoom Out? Have you overridden anything using Apple’s system preferences?

This is just plain odd, since OS X isn’t Windows - if it works on one machine, it really should work on another unless you have some strange settings or an interfering app. These shortcuts have not changed since beta 1.

I found it, at least what went wrong here: I use Sidenote and this program uses the shortcuts. When i quit sidenote, the shortcuts work fine in Scrivener.


That was it. Sidenote is the culprit. :blush: I will be sure to check things out a bit more next time. Didn’t even occur to me that it was Sidenote, but then I remembered that I only recently started using it again. So it appeared to be the beta. Thanks gertjan for figuring this one out.

Many apologies to Amber and Keith.