Zoom levels changes the visible page width and margins.

Sorry if this is an obvious question answered in the documentation. I’m new and it’s a rather long help file.

Adjusting the zoom level, rather than increasing how much or how little of the page/text you can see at a single time (as if you’re “zooming” or magnifying the document), seems to completely change the page size and reflow the text to suit.

For example:

In a word processor (like LibreOffice, let’s say) if my page width is set to be 8.5", with 1" margins, zooming simply fits more or less of the text on the screen, adjusting the size of the text to match. If you zoom in too far, you simply can’t see the entire page at once without scrolling.

With Scrivener, if I zoom in to 130%, it completely changes the page to be around 8" wide. If I zoom out to 100%, it’s close to 10" (going by the ruler up at the top of the page).

This seems like bizarre behavior, but maybe I’m just used to word processing. Is that just how the program works, or is it a quirk of the Linux version?

I’m using the beta for Linux with Ubuntu 12.10.