Zoom on Copyholder?

Is it possible to “zoom” in on text within a copy holder. On the main editor windows, I tend to operate at a zoom magnification of 175%. This allows me to retain 12-point font in files but comfortably see the files. However, the copyholder windows seem to be restricted to 100% magnification. Is there a way to modify this, so I’m not squinting on the screen trying to see what is in the copyholder windows?

You may like opening it in Quick Reference instead. You can do that from the Binder or click an arrow top-right in the copyholder.

Click inside the copyholder text so it has the focus. Then use the View->Zoom->175% menu item.

Hope this helps.

In addition to what Silverdragon said, if your mouse has a scroll wheel, click in any editor (main, quick ref, copyholder). Then hold down Ctrl and use scroll wheel to zoom in or out.

Nice. That means the same Keyboard Maestro macros I use to zoom in the Editor will also work in the Copyholder.

It turns out that it depends on how you open the copyholder window. If you do a “right-hand click” on file, open as copyholder, then the zoom option seems work. However, if you do the “Alt+Click+Drag” method, which developers of Scirvener 3 told me to use in a different post, the zoom option doesn’t work. So… It would appear that the “Alt+click+drag” is opening the file in a different mode.

SOOO confusing!

This is not my experience. Regardless of the method used to open the Copyholder, if I click inside the copyholder text so that it has focus, I can change the zoom, either via the menu (Silverdragon’s suggestion) or via the mouse scroll wheel. I can always change the zoom on Copyholders.