Zoom on search document

How can I have a zoom for the files (pdf, images, etc.) which they are in the search Folder?

Do you mean just zooming PDFs or images to make them larger or smaller? There is the View/Zoom/ menu for that, with associated keyboard shortcuts.

Thanks for your answer.

That’s right, I would like to zoom only the pdf or images, without the View/zoom command which makes larger all the Scrivener’s window (not only the central area)

So I was wondering if there is a magnifying glass’s tool inside Scrivener like the Mac OS one.
If there not, it should do!

I’ve just found that a double click on a picture gets a popup menu which makes possible to have a zoom.
That’s nice.

It should be have the same tool for the pdf files.

Unfortunately, it seems there is no crop function and other adjustments tools for the images

We only have very limited control over the PDF display as it is using the system display engine for that, and it’s a “black box” in that you just tell it where to run and it does its thing. It has a few inputs allowed which we do make use of, but nothing fancy like cropping, zoom controls or magnifying glasses.

That doesn’t sound right. Ordinarily all these commands do is what you want: resize the PDF or image inside the viewer. They change nothing about the project window itself—do you have these keyboard shortcuts assigned to something else, perhaps via a utility or OS X itself?