Zoom percentage of 300

I work on an iMac 20". text at 200% is too small, too much text on the page, and at 400% too big, too little text visible. Is there a way to code in an in-between value (say 300%) to get text right (for me at least).
I can see that most of us writing with 20" monitors will use the 300% size. It makes sense with this screen size.

That seems to vary in different applications. I write on a 20" iMac and have to boost the screen or font size in TextEdit, Word or Entourage. But in Scrivener, I just use 12-point Courier Final Draft at the normal 100%. I’m surprised that you need it 2 or 3 times larger. Maybe has to do with your Display setting, in System Preferences?

Have you tried playing with the margins and paper width settings? You can adjust paper width dynamically in full screen to limit how many words per line you are seeing. I find that this, more than font size, helps my mind be at ease with the text.

It’s not so much the amount of text, but the size of the text. I like to sit back a bit while I write. I suppose I could boost the text size to 14, and even change the style, but I’d rather have the zoom setting do the work.

I have an Apple 20" display, 1680 x 1050. In Scrivener I mostly work with Times Roman 14, single space, at 175%. More would be overkill for me.
In Mellel I work with Times 12 at 175% or 200%.

Much, however, depends of the font type: Verdana 12, for instance, at 100% is much better readable than Times 12.

But this is undoubtedly a matter of personal taste and eyes.

Seconding the request for 300 zoom level. The zoom differential jumps from 10, 15, 25, and then suddenly 200. Kind of a leap.

2.0 will have a 300% zoom level.

This is excellent news.
a “finer” incremental zoom in the 200%/400% range would really come in handy on the large-screen macs. 200% is OK in full screen mode, but 300% will definitely give it a more comfortable feel.

Is there a keyboard shortcut for zooming in and out on the size of the text? I desperately need this and can’t find it on the forums or in the documentation. Thanks.

Please check the thread you opened on this. No need to double-post.

If you want more increments at the larger zoom percentages, then you probably do need to up-size the default font in scrivener. I use Helvetica at 18pt as the base. As I move from one screen to another (laptop built-in or big external monitor), I adjust the zoom to either below 100% or a few increments above 100%. This gives me the best adjustability to the size of the text in the editing windows without requiring Keith to program in a new set of text zooming increments.

Don’t forget that unless you choose to preserve the font & font size, during the “Compile Manuscript” process, you can specify an entirely different font or font size without altering all of your documents or having to deal with tiny fonts on huge screens.