Zoom percentage per installation, not per project

Hello everybody!

Is there a way to tie zoom percentage (found in the bottom of the window between the Binder and the main Editor window) to an individual Scrivener installation instead of to a project, so it persists with whatever project is opened on a particular machine?

I usually work on the same project on two computers: one is a desktop with a big monitor and another is a small netbook with 10 inch screen. If I use the default 135% editor zoom, it looks just fine on the big desktop screen, but really huge on the netbook. And if I change editor zoom to 105% it looks just fine on the netbook, but really tiny on the desktop.

What I’d like to have is for zoom on the netbook installation to stick to 105% and for the desktop installation to stick to 135%, not to hand the value over with the project each time it is saved.

Is that possible to do? Which setting and where? :slight_smile: