Zoom pull down menu displays incorrect shortcut keys

Trying to use Zoom shortcut keys, I discovered that View > Zoom shortcut keys as displayed did not function. It was lacking a Shift key :arrow_up: needed to Zoom.

The pull-down menu displays ⌘〉to zoom in

Zoom out displays ⌘〈

However, as I discovered the Shift key must also be used to perform Zooming in or out. :arrow_up: ⌘〉 :arrow_up: ⌘〈

Using Scrivener version

This isn’t actually a bug - you can’t type “<” or “>” without holding down Shift. (Also, the way the keyboard shortcuts are displayed in menus is actually dealt with in Apple’s code, in fact.)

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Not really a bug but still helpful to insert the :arrow_up:. in the pull-down menu.

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As I said, you’d have to take that up with Apple given that it’s their code. (Also cf. Pages.)

Depends on the keyboard. On a Swedish keyboard you can type “<” without holding down Shift. Hitting the same key while holding down Shift renders “>”.

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